The Big Question: Build or Buy A House?

The Big Question: Build or Buy A House?

Let’s talk about it. There are many different reasons people choose to build or buy a house. Oftentimes people overlook the opportunity to build a new home and many times forget it’s even an option. Each family has individual needs when it comes to home buying, and we’re going to talk through the different options available.

While building new construction homes is our thing, we understand that the timing won’t always work.

In addition to building from scratch, Finecraft Builders has quick move-in homes available that are built in each of our neighborhoods. These homes are newly built with preselected designs and tend to be more comparable in cost to buying another pre-existing home. The best part is, it’s a brand new build that has never been lived in before – we like to think it’s a great middle ground between new construction homes and pre-existing homes. If you are interested or want to learn more about our quick move-in’s click here.

Nothing is as good as new. Once you build a new home, you don’t look back. We’ve compiled a list of our top favorite reasons why we prefer a brand-new home vs. a home that someone has lived in or what we like to call, “used”.

  • Everything is brand new and in the best condition possible! New paint, new carpet, new showers, new toilets, and more! Literally everything.
  • Floor plans are updated and more functional. They are well thought out and are created to provide higher-quality living spaces. Finecraft Builders has a floor plan for every person’s lifestyle. 
  • We make sure the important spaces are larger for comfort and convenience, including closets, pantries, laundry rooms, mud rooms and extra storage.
  • With a new build, you get to choose the number of bedrooms you want and don’t have to settle for more or less than you need.
  • Construction codes and materials are up to date and all under warranty – everything before 2020 is now outdated.
  • Your home = Your style, your colors, your choices. No compromises, because you have a say in all of your selections – so no remodeling is needed after you move in.
  • Our flex spaces are just that, flexible. You have the choice of what you want it to be. Whether it’s a guest room, a play room, an in-home office or even a combination. The choice is entirely yours to customize!
  • Our new construction homes cost less to own and are better for the environment. They’re built to save energy!
  • The community you live in is new and fresh with brand-new streetscapes and amenities to enjoy!
  • Every new construction home comes with a 2-10 warranty plan.

Essentially, building a new construction home is a personalized process that we guide you and your family through to help you create your forever home! We work with all kinds of people with all kinds of budgets and style preferences, and strive to make the build process a seamless and exciting experience! 

To learn more about our specific build process and how to get started, click here.