New Year, New Home: Here Are Some of the Top Home Trends for 2022!

New Year, New Home: Here Are Some of the Top Home Trends for 2022!

The start of each new year brings new excitement for what is to come. 2022 is coming in strong with new styles and trends that go beyond the wardrobe and into our homes from floor to ceiling. Here at Pyatt Builders, it’s all in the details for us, and we are excited to shed a light on the future of design for this upcoming year. According to field experts, these are some of the top home trends for 2022.

All About the Kitchen

The onset of the pandemic has encouraged us to stay home, and with that, the kitchen has become the most important and popular area for indoor entertainment. The kitchen island is the new living room and is now bigger than ever. Many opt for an oversized island in return for an excellent entertaining space. Eat, drink, and enjoy company at the new mecca of the home: the kitchen.

WFH Strong

Many of us are still working from home, and the dining room table isn’t cutting it anymore. With that, it’s time to bring the office aesthetic into your own home and create a functional space tailored to your work needs. The in-home office is of utmost importance when considering your home building plans, and the time is now to create that space in a way that gets your creativity flowing. Some of our floor plans include a built-in workspace in the kitchen in addition to the office. That means workspaces for the whole family! 


This year, we are bringing the beloved 2-for-1 into the home, expecting single-use spaces to become a pastime. Multifunctionality creates an opportunity for a room to be divided for multiple uses to optimize your space. Nearly all of our floor plans offer a flex room that can be used to create a meaningful space with multifunctionality. In addition to that, many of our floor plans also offer loft spaces. Some of our favorite multifunctional pairings are a guest room/craft room, or game room/lounge room. Get creative with it, this space can be anything your heart desires!

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