Buying A New Home VS. An Old Home

Why You Should Buy a

New Home vs. an Old Home

Deciding to buy a new home can be a huge decision for you and your family and the start of an exciting journey. During the process, many questions and decisions are needed to be made. One of which is, do you buy a new home or an older home? This can be a hard decision to make and you may not know which way to turn but, we’re here to help! Let us tell you why buying a new home is the right choice for your family vs. buying an older home.

1. You Design Your Home

The design and look of a home are important to buyers. Sometimes, when looking into buying older homes, they don’t quite have the look or feel we are searching for. Buying a new home allows you to create exactly what you envisioned by getting be a part of the design process! When looking at older homes you may find a vintage feel with many outdated details around the home. The older the house, the quicker we stray from a modern look. When buying new, you’ll have the most up-to-date designs and styles, not just in decor and details but in the house itself! New homes typically feature on-trend amenities and many different floorplans to help you create the perfect house. At our community, The Grove at Legacy, we have plenty of floor plans for you to explore to bring your vision to life! When buying new, no need to spend hours searching for the perfect home, you can create it. 

2. Less Maintenance 

When deciding to buy an older home, you may find yourself with a “fixer-upper”. They almost always need repairs, replacements, and lots of remodeling to be done. Aging homes tend to eventually need a new roof, new flooring, and many different new systems. You will need to spend the money on a thorough inspection when choosing an older home and you’ll need to fix each problem they find, right away. One small issue can lead to one giant headache if not dealt with quickly. But when purchasing a new home, you’ll be hassle-free for many years. With brand new appliances and systems, you’re going to be relaxed knowing you can spend time enjoying the things in your home and not fixing them. Moving into a new home is stressful enough, buy a new home and say hello to low-maintenance! Speaking of low-maintenance, we have a whole blog post dedicated to our low-maintenance homes at The Grove, check it out here!

As a bonus, when building a new home with Finecraft Builders, you are guaranteed a 2-10 Warranty. The warranty will provide you with surety coverage from the day of closing. This provides clearly defined construction standards for defects in materials and workmanship. It’s coverage that gives you confidence in knowing your home will be taken care of. 

3. Energy Efficiency

Another great reason you should consider buying a new home vs an old home is that they use less energy! In the past, builders didn’t have the products they needed to create an energy-efficient affordable home. Today with growth in innovations in home building, new homes are exceeding our expectations for energy use. New guidelines were implemented in the year 2020 making any home that was built before 2020 less efficient. Think about that for a minute. In regards to energy, buying a new home reins superior compared to the rest of the market, and that is pretty epic. New builds are equipped with different features such as HVAC systems, multi-pane windows, and new appliances to keep the home as energy-efficient as possible. These upgrades in the long run will save you a lot of money in utilities in the future. 

Overall, the answer is clear when deciding on buying a new home vs. buying an older home. When purchasing a new home, you can make your visions come true by being a part of the design process. From floor plans to choosing the color of your front door, the opportunities are endless. Buying a home can be stressful but with a new home, low maintenance is in sight! No need to worry about remodeling or replacing anything when buying a new home. Lastly, because of those new appliances, systems, and newer materials, your new home can use less energy, saving you more money! 

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