A DATE NIGHT in Carmel: Stay Home, or Go Out! 

When we set aside time to spend with the important people in our lives, we want to make the most of it. Although sometimes, we get caught up in the motions of life, and we find ourselves last minute planning, dreading going out after a long day. Whatever your circumstances may be, date night doesn’t have to be cancelled. Create a special evening right in the comfort of your own home, or plan a special evening with your loved one doing fun events close to home. A date night in Carmel, Indiana never sounded better! Need ideas to make it happen? Look no further.

#1 LOCAL FUN: Relax and strengthen yourself with an evening at SOL HOT YOGA


Whether you’re a yoga veteran or you’ve never even heard of downward dog, this could be the perfect evening activity for you and your partner. Slip on your favorite yoga pants, drink plenty of water, and take your date night to one of Carmel, Indiana’s best hot yoga studios: Sol Hot Yoga. With classes running every day of the week at various times, you’re bound to find the perfect option to relax, stretch, and get rid of some of your body’s toxins. And what better way to connect with your loved one than some deep stretching and breathing? Pick an evening after a long and stressful day to attend one of these classes, and you’re bound to fall into bed that night feeling relaxed, calm, and connected to your partner. 

#2 LOCAL FUN: An Educational Experience at CONNER PRAIRIE

DATE NIGHT IN CARMEL, INDIANAIf you’re a history buff looking to time travel back to Indiana life in the 1800s, look no further than Hamilton County’s Conner Prairie, a living history museum located along the White River. Suitable for children, teens, and adults, this could be the perfect weekday or weekend activity for you and a loved one. Walk through the 1836 Prairie Town, complete with town residents in time-period outfits, a one-room schoolhouse, and the opportunity to learn some new skills. Stop by the cafe for a hearty lunch after your experience, pop into the Conner Prairie store for a souvenir, or snag a caramel apple from the apple store on your way out. No matter your age, Conner Prairie holds fun, adventure, and a history lesson for you and your date. 


#3 LOCAL FUN: A Delicious Fusion Dinner at BAE LATIN FOOD


Ready to hit the town with your partner for a fun and funky dinner? Bae Latin Food might be the perfect option for you and your bae. From burgers to tacos and everything fusion in between, this unique restaurant will be serving vibes and delicious bites in all the best ways. They even have vegan options! Don’t let your cravings get in the way of a special, romantic night. In fact, Bae Latin Food even serves takeout – so you can grab the goods and head right back home for a movie night! 

Home is where the heart is right? Not feeling the local options, take your date night in Carmel, Indiana to the comfort of your own home. Here are some ideas to be creative and connect with your partner when wanting a date night in. 

#1 AT HOME: Challenge Each Other to A Cook-Off – Inspired By The Food Network’s Chopped!

Instead of the typical cooking with each other or for one another, take it to the next level with a little competition. Each of you will pick out 12 ingredients at random (4 for each dish) for your opponent to cook their appetizer, main entree and dessert. Not only will your opponent have to create a meal from the four ingredients that you picked out, but the creation of the dishes will also be timed to amp up the competition! Have fun judging and tasting your partners hopefully delicious meals! Once your bellies are full and the kitchen is clean, the winner gets to choose how to end the night! Whether that be cozying up for a movie or playing games, the winner decides.


#2 AT HOME: Spa Day – But Make It Affordable 

After a long stressful day we all crave relaxation. Although heading to the spa, as desirable as that may be, can come at a high price. Save yourself the money and take your dreams of a relaxing spa day to your home! This date will be for those who are wanting to be a little more romantic on their night in. Find the comfiest pair of slippers and robes you can find in your house. Start a bath for two and add your favorite bath bomb. If a relaxing soak in the tub isn’t your thing, take on some DIY face masks for each other or snag a few of the pre-made masks from the store. Take your spa night in to the next level by adding relaxing music, cucumber infused water, and dimmed lighting.

#3 AT HOME: Want to Be a Bit More Playful? – Pretend the Electricity Is Out!

Okay this may sound a little crazy right? We typically dread knowing we have lost electricity in our homes but not this time! Be a kid again and let’s play pretend. This will allow you both to step away from your cell phones, the television and find that quality time together you have been looking for. First and foremost, what will you do for dinner? With no electricity, that means you are going to have to get creative. Make a meal out of the things that “may go bad” in your fridge. Have fun, try a new food combination, and clean out that kitchen while you’re at it. For dessert and for extra lighting in your home, start a fire! Not only will this warm you up, it can also be your way of cooking dessert. S’mores anyone? Lastly, you are going to need some shelter. Remember what it is like to be a child again and build a fort with your partner. Once the fort is built, take advantage of the time you now have together to swap stories, chat, or play charades. 

Date night doesn’t always have to look like getting dressed up, hitting the town and spending tons of money. When you get creative, date night can be everything you hoped for and more –right from the comfort of your own home! Whatever date night may hold for you and your partner, we’re confident that either home or out – you’ve got plenty of fun and unique options to keep the love alive right here in Carmel, Indiana. 

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