Designing Your Children’s Playroom

Kids Playroom Ideas


You’ve heard that good things come in small packages, but when it comes to bonus space, we think that the best things come in the largest rooms. If you remember the fun of playing with your favorite toys, then you’re going to love the bonus spaces available in many of our homes to design a playroom for your children.


At Finecraft Builders, we build the bones of your home, but you create its heart and soul — with a personalized playroom designed for your children to relax, have fun, and learn new things, your home becomes even brighter. Below are a few of our favorite design ideas to make this room the happiest place on earth!


Children’s Playroom Design Ideas


Toy Storage: First thing’s first, the star of the show: toys. Of course, no playroom is complete without storage for all of the games, art supplies, and stuffed animals that your children love. Storage options that can be placed against the wall maximize space (while also looking stylish and modern). An ideal sectional has a lot of cubbies or bins for keeping everything organized. 


Toy Storage


Fun-Sized Furniture: The only thing cuter than the sight of tiny children’s furniture? The sight of your children sitting there! Make sure to look for a low table-and-chair set that you know your children will find comfortable. For added relaxation, a cozy mini sofa, beanbag, daybed, or even large pillow with blankets work great in corners (and are great for encouraging them to read or settle down for naptime).


Fun-sized furniture


Chalk it Up: If you have fond memories of writing with colorful chalk outside, take the magic inside for your children to enjoy no matter the weather! A chalkboard wall is an irresistible addition that lets imaginations run free. Whether you use it together to make homework a little more fun, or they pick up their favorite colors to draw their next greatest art piece, this wall will provide endless hours of entertainment. 


Chalk it Up


Snug As a Bug: Just like vibrant walls, a fun rug adds so much life and happiness to a playroom. Whether the design you choose goes along with a theme or incorporates a certain color, make sure that it’s soft and comfortable (after all, it’s going to be holding tiny feet for a long time). Not to mention, a good rug helps with noise as well as keeps the floor in pristine shape.


Snug as a Bug


Get Artsy: There’s nothing like a wall that pops. From wallpaper and wall decals to photos and posters, there are so many ways to make this room memorable. If your kids are interested in geography, try a large map decal. Do they love animals and nature? Look for animal prints, an ocean scene, landscapes, etc. And of course, words and numbers are a great way to encourage reading, writing, and new hobbies.


Kids Playroom Ideas


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From all of us at Finecraft Builders, happy designing!